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Complete veterinary care for your family pet

From routine vaccinations through to more complex surgery, E.C. Straiton & Partners Veterinary Practice offer our comprehensive, professional expertise to ensure your pet can access the best in health care.

We have

  • An experienced team working together to provide continuous and complete care
  • On-site fully equipped pharmacy
  • Comfortable spacious hospitalisation facilities for pets of all shapes and sizes
  • A fully equipped operating theatre and recovery area.

We are proud to be available to you and your companion animal 24 hours a day, giving you peace of mind at a time you need it the most.

To register your pet call: 01785 712235.

Routine Care

Because prevention will always be better than cure
Routine vaccination and health checks are performed 6 days a week by appointment.

Vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits can provide protection from both common and serious infectious diseases. Our team is happy to recommend a vaccination programme for your pet, based on your circumstances, the activities your pet engages in and whether it is likely to travel abroad.

Worming is essential to ensure the long and healthy life of your pet and should begin from weaning. We are more than happy to discuss your options and have a variety of easy-to-administer products available. Our team will formulate a plan based on your pet and the environment in which it lives.

Advice and Support: Consultations with our nursing team are offered so that you can ask any questions you may have relating to the care of your animal.

Prescriptions are dispensed by a nurse following a consultation. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered over the phone, but we advise at least 24 hours notice to ensure we have medicines in stock. A written prescription is available to those who wish to source medicines from other companies, but will incur a small fee.

Vaccinations for family pets

We offer veterinary nurse clinics to help you to keep your family pet in optimum health.

These clinics cover:

  • flea and worm advice
  • nail clipping
  • de matting (for health reasons; we are not dog groomers)
  • post operative check up/ stitches/staple removal
  • burr teeth (rabbits), check and advice on flystrike (rabbits)
  • dietary advice, weight monitoring and management

Please contact the surgery on 01785 712235 to book


Our veterinary hospital has a fully equipped operating theatre with a recovery area should your pet require minor surgery.


Our skilled surgical team is experienced in routine and advanced surgeries, and are happy to carry out routine procedures such as neutering and dental procedures.

We also have a broad experience in many advanced soft tissue surgeries include BOAS surgery, extensive abdominal surgery and thoracic surgery. We routinely carry out orthopaedic procedures including cruciate ligament injury (TPLO and TTA), luxating patella correction and fracture repairs.


Our in-house laboratory, ultrasound, endoscopy, x-ray and dental equipment provide accurate and detailed information to enable our team to advise the most appropriate course of action.

In addition, we have –

  • Comfortable, spacious hospitalisation facilities for pets of all shapes and sizes
  • Overnight 24 hour nursing care from qualified vet nurses
  • On site emergency care by the vet and nursing team with a 24h on call vet

It is important that our advice is followed to help ensure surgical procedures go ahead whilst minimizing any risks or concerns. If you have any questions at all regarding your pet’s care please do contact the surgery.

Equine Vets - Surgery


If you are not planning on using your pets for breeding it is strongly recommended that you have them neutered to guard against any unwanted pregnancies or associated disease. These procedures are performed at both Penkridge and Rugeley practices, with speys and castrates performed daily. Animals are discharged the same day and simply need to return 10-14 days later for a nurse to remove stitches.
If you would like to discuss any aspect of your pet’s care, please contact us.

Advice: your pet prior to surgery

  • Cats, dogs and ferrets should be starved from 8pm the night before the procedure. Water can be left down and taken up the morning of the operation.
  • Rabbits and ‘small furries’ should have food and water left down at all times.
  • On the day of the surgery please make sure your pet is at the clinic between 7.30am and 8.00am for admission by a nurse.
  • If your pet is on medication please ensure you follow the instructions provided by the vet at the pre-anaesthetic check.
  • Please make sure your pet has been to the toilet prior to admission.
  • Please do not leave your own lead and make sure any pet carriers are clearly named to avoid any property being misplaced.


Following the operation:

  • We ask owners to phone at lunchtime to enquire what time their pet can go home but usually any time after 2pm is common.
  • You will be given full discharge instructions by a nurse on collection, but expect your pet to drowsy following the anaesthetic.
  • Pets are required to return 10-14 days later for the stitches to be removed with a nurse.
Services for Family Pets - Veterinary nurses checking cat
Services for Family Pets - Brown dog on leash

Cardiology and Investigations

We have numerous patients who have ongoing or newly diagnosed heart conditions.

If your pet requires further investigation, we will refer to Consultant Cardiologist, Mark Overend, who will visit our practice to provide his expertise to investigate the conditions. These may include newly diagnosed conditions, or patients with ongoing heart issues.

Investigations may include an Echocardiogram, ECG, Blood pressure readings and chest x-rays. These will be decided upon discussion with Mark, and in the best interest of your pet.

If your pet has an ongoing heart condition, or you would like to know more, then please contact the practice and we will pass your enquiry on.

Donating blood to save lives

Here at the main hospital we provide our facilities to the Pet Blood Bank, to receive blood from canine donors.

Like us, dog’s have different blood types and donations are needed to help provide us with the crucial resources needed in emergency situations. The charity that carry out donations, Pet Blood Bank, also provide us in times of need with blood for transfusions, and all the help we can get is greatly appreciated.

The criteria for your dog to be a donor are:

  • Fit and healthy
  • Between one and eight years old
  • Weigh more than 25kg
  • Have a good temperament
  • Have never travelled abroad
  • Vaccinated
  • Not on any medication

For more information, please call us on 01785 712235 to talk to one of our team, or check out the Pet Blood Bank website.


It is a fact of pet ownership that your animal may require veterinary treatment.

Treatment for many common problems can often run into hundreds or thousands of pounds.

Pet insurance provides peace of mind, that if your pet did require it, the funds would be available to help them.

In addition to covering surgery fees many pet insurance companies also cover medical treatment for conditions such as:

  • arthritis
  • heart conditions
  • skin conditions
  • diabetes

These conditions can be managed medically, however this can be expensive. Medication for a skin condition, for example, can cost between £3-£5 daily.

Lifelong cover often provides the most reliable protection against ongoing issues and can help to ensure that you can provide them with the best care for as long as possible.

Pet insurance is specific to each and every pet so it is best to do some research and don’t forget to read the small print.

Services for Family Pets - Vets checking dog on table

European Travel

The main change for pet travel out of GB is that UK pet passports are no longer valid for travel into the EU.

Animals that are to travel abroad will need an Animal Health Certificate issued within 10 days of travel. For travel to Europe, The certificate is valid for 4 months for ONWARD TRAVEL to another European country. Each country will have their own restrictions on travel regulations, and it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure these restrictions are met.

We as a veterinary practice are overseeing the process, implementing the government rules. More information can be found on the government website here.

E.C. Straiton & Partners are happy to issue Animal HEalth Certiciates at the practice and discuss any issues you may have with regards to travelling with your animal.

Certiciates are issued providing

  • The animal has been micro-chipped
  • The animal has had a rabies vaccination
  • A period of 21 days has passed prior to travel following vaccination
  • It is no more than 10 days BEFORE travel
  • Tapeworm treatment if travelling to Finland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, or Malta (to be given and certified by a veterinarian 24-120 HOURS before entry to EU/Northern Ireland)

Although no longer required, we still recommend that a blood sample is taken at or over 28 days after the rabies vaccination to confirm that the vaccine has been successful.

Travelling back to GB:

  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccination (at least 21 days before travel/certification, and when the pet was at least 12 weeks of age)
  • Animal Health Certificate that was used to exit GB can be used to come back within 4 months
  • Tapeworm treatment unless travelling from Finland, Northern Ireland, Ireland, or Malta (to be given and certified in the original AHC or the valid passport by a veterinarian 24-120 HOURS before entry to GB)
  • You must enter GB via an Approved Route (except for assistance dogs)