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Posted: May 1, 2019

Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month 2019

Outside of the consulting room, most of the attention and medical care your pet receives is at the hands of a registered veterinary nurse (RVN). Each May, we celebrate the role of the RVN, giving us an opportunity to talk about all the things that they do.

RVNs have undertaken a thorough training programme, sat multiple strenuous examinations, are subject to Code of Conduct and continue to study throughout their careers. Our RVNs at Straitons are all registered and qualified, and some have advanced specialist training in a range of topics. Our student nurses train hard each day to obtain their qualification.

In any given day an RVN may find themselves taking x-rays, medicating patients, doing consults, maintaining equipment, monitoring anaesthetics, dressing wounds, answering phones, and the list goes on!

The British Veterinary Nursing Association represents RVNs and promotes responsible pet care to the general public through Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month. Feel free to ask any of our RVNs what they do, and their special interests, and thank you for always supporting our very hard working nursing team.

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