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Equine client – terms of business

Equine visits charges

Turn Out Fee – the charge is based on where the animal is stabled/located; either local or intermediate. Veterinary fees– charged per 5minutes of veterinary professional time (minimum 15 minutes charged as standard). Normal turn out fee charged between 8am and 4.30pm.

Out of hours charges apply outside those times, on Bank Holidays and at weekends. Multiple clients seen on the same yard can share the turn out fee equally. The arranging of group/yard visits is the responsibility of the clients involved.

New client payment terms

Payment is required at the time of examination by either cash or card for the first 6 months after registration.

Established Clients payment terms

Payment within 30 days from the date of treatment.

Booking Turn Out Times

Due to the nature of veterinary practice it is not possible to give specific turn out times. Emergencies always take priority. The timing of Equine visits is arranged around the travel logistics of the bookings made on the day. We can usually offer the choice of a morning or afternoon. We endeavour to always give at least half an hours notice of the vets arrival on site. Please inform us when booking if you have a preference of veterinary surgeon and we will try to comply with your request.


We strongly advise you to take out insurance for your horse, with a reputable insurance company. If your horse is insured and you need to make a claim for veterinary treatment our general practice rule is that you pay our fees in full and claim them back from your insurance company. Direct Claims-please do not assume we will automatically make a direct claim to your insurance company. Pre authorisation with the vet/administration staff is required. Payment of the policy excess is required before we can process a direct claim on your behalf. However the final assessment of the claim is always in the hands of the insurers and the final responsibility to pay our fees lies with you as the policy holder. Non claimable treatment is subject to the 30 day payment rule

Although we endeavour to send out vaccination reminders by either email or text the responsibility for keeping your horses vaccinations up to date must remain with yourself.

Please notify us as soon as possible of any change of contact details or location of your horse.

Thank you for choosing us for your veterinary care.