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Posted: May 16, 2019

Last night, E C Straitons organised a ‘Medicines Handling and Antibiotic Safeguarding Course’ for all our farmers. It is the biggest training event we have ever had and saw 32 farmers in attendance!?

Training was given by an industry representative, Paul from Norbrook, and our vets, Lucy and Mr. Woodcock. There have been a lot of recent changes in how we can prescribe and use antibiotics, and due to changing industry standards, Red Tractor recommend at least one member of staff per farm attends a course on medicine handling. Red Tractor is a world leading farm and food assurance scheme that provides traceable, safe food. The course included information on medicine administration, usage and disposal, as well as which antibiotics are appropriate when. The participants had dinner and drinks, plus a certificate of completion.

It was great to see so many people engaged in protecting against antibiotic resistance and promoting safe use of medicines.

We have received excellent feedback, especially for the speakers!

Congratulations and thanks to Lucy for organising such an event.

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