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Twin Lamb Disease (pregnancy toxaemia)

This is a common, potentially fatal but preventable disease of ewes that normally occurs in the last few weeks of pregnancy when the ewe requires more energy than she is receiving.
Factors that can cause this condition include:

  • Ewes carrying multiple lambs
  • Cold, wet weather and lack of shelter
  • Inadequate trough space
  • Sudden change of feed/inadequate quantities of feed
  • Stress (unnecessary handling etc.)
  • Over-conditioning in late pregnancy which results in a reduced appetite

Several animals are normally affected over a few days. Affected animals will separate from the flock, appear depressed, inappetent and sometimes seek water without drinking. They sometimes turn in circles and some will be twitching, salivating and fitting which will progress, if untreated, to convulsions, re-cumbency and death within two to three days.

Please contact us if you suspect you have a ewe with this problem.