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1st May

Beware Strangles. This infectious disease can be difficult to manage if an outbreak occurs. Some horses can outwardly show no signs but still carry the infection and potentially spread the disease. It is important to isolate any suspected case, particularly avoiding nose to nose contact... Read more >

Stafford Horse Trials

1st May

Stafford Horse Trials are set to take place between 13th-15th July 2018. We will be spporting the event and providing veterinary cover. Read more >

Well Travelled Horse

1st May

If your horse is happy to travel to us we can usually book to see you at the Hospital at Penkridge. To avoid busy times on the car park always give us a call and we can organise a sensible time for you to be seen.  Read more >

Spring Weather

1st May

Good news Spring has finally sprung and the new grass is finally pushing on through. We can hopefuly say goodbye to the cold weather  and the cattle can at last get out there and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. We hope all our farm clients can really press on with preparing for better conditions... Read more >

Our vet John is cycling from Bristol to Bordeaux over 4 days. Have a look at his donation page to see why!

14th June 2017 Here's hoping that all the training pays off! 800 Km in 4 days is going to be a massive challenge, and risks an extremely sore tail end! but it's for a great cause . . . . . . .  "PROPS believe that all young people in our community should have the opportunity to lead fulfilling and participative lives, on both a social, and a professional level, regardless of any cognitive or physical disabilities... Read more >

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