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Services & Facilities

Experienced, dedicated veterinary care for all farm animals.

E.C. Straiton & Partners aim to provide first class care for your herd or flock no matter what size. We endeavour to work with you to promote efficiency and productivity and keep disease at bay.

We offer -


  • Routine heard health reports and planning services
  • Routine management procedures
  • Fertility planning and monitoring
  • Mastitis monitoring
  • Fertility planning and monitoring
  • Vaccination advice


  • Herd health planning
  • Parasite control advice

Small Holdings

  • Husbandry and health planning advice
  • Routine parasite control
  • Assessment of health complaints in a variety of species


16th May 2019
Biggest training event on Straitons calendar! Last night, E C Straitons organised a ‘Medicines Handling and Antibiotic Safeguarding Course’ for all our farmers... Read more >
1st May 2018
Flock Health Club Straiton Vets has a small group of farmers who have joined up to our Flock Health Club... Read more >
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