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Pet Insurance & Passports

E.C. Straiton & Partners complete healthcare plan for all types of companion animal.


It is a fact of pet ownership that your animal may require veterinary treatment. Treatment for many common problems can often run into hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Pet insurance provides peace of mind, that if your pet did require it, the funds would be available to help them.

Pet Plan - free insurance linkIn addition to covering surgery fees many pet insurance companies also cover medical treatment for conditions such as:

  • arthritis 
  • heart conditions 
  • skin conditions 
  • diabetes

These conditions can be managed medically, however this can be expensive. Medication for a skin condition, for example, can cost between £3-£5 daily.

Lifelong cover often provides the most reliable protection against ongoing issues and can help to ensure that you can provide them with the best care for as long as possible.

Pet insurance is specific to each and every pet so it is best to do some research and don’t forget to read the small print.



The EU passport scheme applies to dogs, cats and ferrets travelling to the EU and selected other countries. E.C. Straiton & Partners are happy to issue pet passports at the practice and discuss any issues you may have with regards to travelling with your animal.

Passports are issued providing –

  • The animal has been micro-chipped
  • The animal has had a rabies vaccination
  • A period of 21 days has passed prior to travel following vaccination.

Although no longer required, we still recommend that a blood sample is taken at or over 28 days after the rabies vaccination to confirm that the vaccine has been successful.



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