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Pre-Purchase Examination

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An Informed Equine Investment

The purchase of a new horse can be a very expensive decision and, often, a long term commitment.

E.C. Straiton & Partners encourage purchasers of new horses to consider having a veterinary pre-purchase examination carried out to try to identify any conditions which may make the horse or pony unsuitable for purchase for the purpose for which it is intended.

It is also becoming increasingly common for insurance companies to request a pre-purchase examination before insuring horses and ponies.

Equine pre-purchase examinations fall into 2 categories:

Two stage examination

This is a fairly basic examination which comprises:

  • An examination of the horse at rest- including examination of eyes, heart, lungs, back, limbs, genital organs and skin.
  • An examination of the horse led up at walk and trot, turned and backed up – to assess basic gait.

This examination will usually take 30-40 minutes and a report of findings will be issued. It must be remembered, however that there may be potential concerns that will NOT be detected during a 2 stage examination.

If this is being carried out for insurance purposes, please check with your intended insurance company the level of pre purchase examination they require.

Five stage examination:

This is a more comprehensive examination which includes the initial 2 stages and expands to comprise of:

  • Preliminary examination at rest
  • Trotting up
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Period of rest
  • A second trot up and foot examination

Blood samples may be collected and stored for an additonal charge. Should an issue arise after purchase these samples may be used to ensure the horse was not under any treatment at the time of purchase.

X-rays may also be taken for an additonal charge, these may be useful in identifying already disclosed changes or if the animals conformation is relevant to their desired purpose. Please discuss this at the time of booking in your pre-purchase examination.


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