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Equine Diagnostics

Our experienced team of equine vets, at your service.

Understanding the problem, quickly

A quick and accurate diagnosis enables our team to advise an appropriate course of treatment or medicine for your equine. The facilities at E.C. Straiton and Partners help to provide vital information during examination.

Diagnostic tools include –

Lameness Work Ups

Lameness is a common cause of lost performance and can be extremely difficult to diagnose. Horses can frequently demonstrate lameness in more than one limb as they compensate for being uncomfortable in another. Our lameness work ups enable thorough examination of the limb/limbs affected and include specific lunging and trot-up areas, diagnostic analgesia, digital radiography systems (x-rays), and stabling if required.


Full video gastroscopies offer invaluable information in the diagnosis of equine gastric ulcers.  A tube containing a digital video camera is inserted through the nose and into the stomach via the oesophagus to provide an informative view and accurate diagnosis and treatment monitoring.


E.C. Straiton and Partners are able to offer video endoscopy and bronchoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of airway diseases. Bronchoalveolar lavage is a useful technique used in the diagnosis of inflammatory airway diseases such as COPD. Guttural pouch examination and medication provides invaluable access to the areas affected by strangles, chondroids or mycoses.

Minor Surgery

Minor surgical procedures are carried out by our experienced vets and we have a safe and secure knock down and recovery box where your equine will receive the very best attention from our dedicated team. In collaboration with Jeremy Kemp-Symonds BA(Hons) BSc(Hons) MSc BVMS PGCHE MRCVS, we are pleased to offer laser sarcoid removal and photodynamic therapy to effectively treat and remove sarcoids.

Worm egg counts

Either as part of our worming programmes or for your own worming control, we offer worm egg counts in house to assess the worm burden of your horse. From this we can tailor worming treatments and programmes to get the best possible worm control without resistance.


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