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Equine Admissions and Inpatients

Our experienced team of equine vets, at your service.

Veterinary Hospital Admission

If your horse requires treatment that can’t be undertaken at your premises E.C.Straiton & Partners offer comfortable stabling facilities at our veterinary hospital which allow us to make the best use of the equipment and facilities.

Should your horse be booked in for a procedure at the veterinary hospital, for example gelding or sarcoid surgery, your vet will discuss with you any specific requirements.

In general we ask:

  • For your horse to be transported to the hospital and to arrive between 9am and 10am.
  • A hay net (filled with your horses normal hay) is left with us.
  • Any medication your horse would routinely take is left upon admission, unless advised otherwise by your vet.
  • If you need to contact us during your horses stay please call the Nursing Team on 01785 712235


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